Our story begins...on a ship headed toward Old Spanish California. Don Diego is on his way home to his father Alejendro de la Vaga,after recieving a disturbing letter from him. This letter states that his home, the Pueblo de Los Angeles, has fallen under the rule of a of vicious dictator, Captain Monastario,who does unjustice to the good people of this Pueblo. Justice burns in Diegos heart. So he decides to take on the role of a fox and bring justice to his home.To help him is his faithfull servent, Beranado, who is a mute. To help tip the odds in Diegos favor a plan is devised. Bernado is to pretend he is also deaf so he can hear things no one believes he can hear. And Don Diego is to put on the black cloak of....."ZORRO" !!!!!!
Don Diego becomes ZORRO !
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