Britt Lomond
Caption Monastario.Britt Lomond played "Captian Monastario". My second favorite actor in the cast. Britt not only acted but is an accomplished swordsman. His skills with the sword were as cunning as his superb acting. He fit the role of Monastario like a glove.
Captian Monastario

Gene Sheldon
Bernado.Gene Shelton had the unforgetable role of "Bernardo" the loyal companion of Don Diego and of course Zorro. He played a mute who also pretended to be deaf. "I envey you,such loyality". Yes,Diego..I envey you. The scene where Diego backs the kidnaper to the wall and says "If anything happens to Bernardo I'll pull you apart" is a scene that speaks volumes of what such loyality can bring. How many times have you heard Diego speak as Zorro?? It's one of my favorite parts.

Henry Calvin
Sergeant Garcia. "Adios,my big fat Sergeant"...What a character "Sergeant Garcia" is! He's called many things by his Commandante's but Zorro's parting words to Garcia are a good poke at a friend and one just HAS to smile.But then again...who doesn't really like Zorro??
Sergeant Garcia

George J. Lewis
Alejandro.George J. Lewis played "Alejandro de la Vega",Don Diego father. Alejandro,a proud and wealthy man,is quite disappointed of his son Diego.Upon Diegos return,Alejandro finds that his son is not the man he had hoped he would be. Diego seems more of a quiet peacemaker. Little does he know his fate lies on the very man he thinks he knows.My favorite scene on this one is when Alejandro has been injured. Torando leads Garcia and his army away from the hidden pair. When the wounded Alejandro looks up at Zorro the connection between the two is so powerfull. Alejandro wishes his son were like Zorro. Need I say more?
Alejandro de la Vega

Don Diamond
Corporal Reyes.Our big fat Sergeant had to have sort of a side kick for himself. And who better then a dim witted "Corporal Reyes"? Don Diamond played this role in perfect sidekick fashion. A hard feat indeed to be remembered as a favorite arriving only for the second season.
Corporal Reyes

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